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Are your Corporate Records compliant and secure do you want them to be!
UBiQuati accepts and creates most Binary formats however for compliance and security the PDF is the defecto format.

Types of Compliance:

ISO 1850/18509 and 9000
SOX (Sarbanes- Oxley
Candian Uniform – Electronic Evidence Act

UBiQuati EDMS and Point Archiver software are integrated to read and create compliance with certain products and SDKs:
The following viewers that are setup for certain customers will allow for the creation of secured and encrypted documents for archiving and distribution. These process require corporate policy and training before executing for communication or archiving purposes.

PDF viewers and security :
*all of the above provide and read encrypted pdf files with username and password, all these techniques require additional data entry into our solution or any competitive solution. Adobe Standard, Professional, Nitro PDF provide for Annotations, highlite, Stamping PDFA,1-b

UBIQuati – UB/Point Archive for Disaster Planning:

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