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Version 3.0 is a new major release of PoINT Archiver. PoINT archive provides for authentication of any media. Provides encryption, WORM technology applied to HD, NAS, SANS, CD/DVD mass recording devices, Tape Recorders, Optical and UDO hardware devices.

PoINT is a Migration tiered process to simultaneous devices for Disaster planning and recovery. Works with any above attached storage by controlling one to many folders with the above controlled functionality, includes administrative console, optional hardware drivers with reporting.

New Device Support
PoINT Archiver is designed to provide support for every type of data storage device in order to meet any combination of retention, recovery, security and access requirements.

It allows the user to decide the best combination of storage devices and media types.

With the release of Version 3.0 PoINT Archiver has added support for LTO Tape drives and libraries. Clients with the high volume data Archives best met with tape can now incorporate the powerful benefits of PoINT Archiver.

Also added to the list of supported devices are the latest Rimage Blu-ray Producers including the new 5100 & 5300 network attached models. New BD (Blu Ray technology) models from Primera and Teac are also supported.

Improved connectivity to optical jukeboxes is provided by PoINT Jukebox Manager. Additionally, PoINT Archiver and PoINT Jukebox Manager may now reside on the same server, providing a significant cost savings.

UDO and UDO-2 Optical jukebox connectivity using the Plasmon Archive Appliance is now available

Powerful NEW Data Migration Tool
In addition to its automated archival and retrieval capabilities, PoINT Archiver now adds a unique Data Migration tool. Customers using multiple Archive Devices can migrate individual Archive discs, jobs or entire Archive volumes from device to device. With new storage technologies on the horizon, migrating from DVD to BD to the Holographic storage systems of the future can be managed easily. Migration also provides the ability to easily reproduce, including labeling, a media or device that is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. The Data Migration tool is available at NO ADDITIONAL COST with Standard Archival and Retrieval and Tiered Archival Licenses.

NEW Advanced File Search
Archiver 3.0 now includes a powerful search engine for the Data Retrieval module, allowing users to easily locate and restore individual files and folders. Search Results are displayed in a separate folder, in an intuitive interface.
Document storage

Documents may be scanned or directly stored to an unalterable storage medium under the following conditions.
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