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In March 1988, COMPUSCAN emerged from a large Microfilm Service Bureau, which had been established in 1978.  The microfilm company, Scan Data, specialized in records management solutions for the Microfilm Industry.  Today CompuScan has developed into a seasoned corporate entity, which specializes in Digital Imaging and Information Management software.  COMPUSCAN is dedicated to development and installation of the most advanced software technology available in imaging and electronic information management systems.

Over the last 20 years, XEROX, Frost Bank, ARCO Oil and Gas, Howe Baker Engineering, Wyndham Hotels, Reeb Millworks, XIT Telephone Company, Killeen ISD, Dresser Industries, AmeriCredit, The City of Centralia, Bankers Financial, The Navajo Nation, DFW Airport, and many others have benefited from the highest quality products and services available within the imaging software industry.

  With the support of a Research and Development Group BACA TECHNOLOGIES, COMPUSCAN President and Founder, Sonny Baca, has committed innovative talents to design, develop and implement quality on-line Electronic Imaging and Information Management system programs that interface compatibly with the latest technologies. After many years of development, COMPUSCAN proudly introduced a new generation of imaging capabilities and information management through its software products.   

COMPUSCAN provides practical solutions for a multiplicity of complex business needs and presents the best in complex programming services for clients who want personalized system integrations.  COMPUSCAN’s software solutions construct increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace by delivering a wide range of data processing solutions.  Most importantly, the UBiQuati™ product line will benefit your entity with high productivity, cost effective solutions with fast decisive value.  

COMPUSCAN’s UBiQuati™ products are easy to integrate to other PC software products, utilizing existing hardware and software systems.  COMPUSCAN’s software resides in the following operating environments:  Windows XP up & Win 7 64 bit desktop operating systems utilizing SQL Server 2000/8.  These products interface with standard office automation systems to provide a wide variety of applications for Electronic Imaging and Information Management.  

Our customers award us three major kudos:  UBiQuati products are easy to install (CD or over the Web), UBiQuati and integrated partner products are easy to understand, learn & navigate, and are implemented in days, not months.  Therefore, the fear of change is obviated and value is realized in weeks.  These are key points in any successful implementation as positive results must be seen quickly by those affected.

Input is minimized and output is maximized      Fear dissipates and confidence builds
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