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CompuScan Electronic Document Management Dallas, TX

UBiQuati is our flagship digital document archive solution - Setup provides user "any type filing" and retrieval. LAN and Cloud solutions available.

Full Text retrieval integration provides the best search/engine on the planet. Using Boolean process search for combined words and numbers etc.

Business Process integration provides OCR of any business document with workflow and connectivity to Accounting and other BPO product databases. Databases requiring electronic data input after a workflow approval steps and then data disbursement into Core applications.

Caspio the best in BPO Forms design, workflow setup for approvals, data connectivity to core applications and then archive to UBiQuati.

All these integrated applications come from companies that maintain in some cases patented products and have been selected because they are simply the best products on the market with a strong longevity and customer satisfaction.

UBiQuati ECM Document at its best! Dallas, TX

UBiQuati, the best in Small Archival solutions to whole company ECM Document Workflow Managed products. Coupled with our reliable Document scanning services and integrated partners set the stage for complete management solution delivering total customer satisfaction.

Our customers purchase or subscribe to UBiQuati ECM for simple archiving or set the stage for combined archiving, workflow management using FORMS processing and BPO DOCUMENT processing.

Caspio Integration for FORMS design and BPO Workflow Processing Dallas, TX

UBiQuati and Caspio is a cloud platform to create online database applications fast and without coding.



Create forms, reports, and business applications without programming. Seize business opportunities, streamline processes, and bring your ideas to life like never before.

UBiQuati becomes the integrated partner to archive from workflow approved, signature 'd forms to user defined and full text retrieval solution within UBiQuati solution.

Artsyl UB Integration -- Full Document Business Processing Dallas, TX

The Artsyl UBiQuati Development Team

Customers desiring business process capabilities will find that Artsyl is the most accurate OCR and Zonal OCR product on the planet. Every great solutions also needs workflow to pass the data and documents through routing proceedure with unique policy. Artsyl provides easy to setup workflows. But best of all Artsyl pass data to CORE applications and then archives the documents for after the fact retrieval using the features of UBiQuati ECM.


Smart Process Platform

Data and document capture solution that automates and streamlines document-intensive workflows. Powering Process Improvement helping companies to reduce costs across the Enterprise.


Smart Process Application

Automated invoice processing solution that replaces manual data entry, speeds up AP documents processing time and reduces the costs by as much as 80%.


Smart Process Application

Medical claim automation solution reducing data entry costs and streamlining the healthcare claims process. Gain speed, accuracy and compliance using leading-edge capture technology.

BPO processing is comprehensive covering most complex industry standard departmental and corporate wide processes.

CompuScan Scanning Services Nationwide Dallas, TX

If your company desires outsource scanning or in house conversions our team nationwide is ready to provide the best personnel to accommodate and size scanning projects. We provide consultation services and pricing to get your company from outdated paper filing systems.

High-quality scanning services is the first step your business can take to offset your document storage requirements and the many costs associated with paper systems. Our reliable scanning services and indexing capabilities will greatly increase the efficiency and flexibility of how you use all your critical business documents. CompuScan scans all types of filed documents into industry-standard digital formats, and then integrates them into your overall electronic document management software or BPO.

Your business documents may include paper files, microforms, and engineering drawings.

With subscription to our CompuScan cloud all records are secured with backups and accessible by your users. The cloud takes the IT out of your equation. However we do offer our UBiQuati products for those who donot have and in house solution.

First step is to determine weather records are department-centric or corporate desires centralized filing solutions and "do they want archive only" or "active workflow solution".

Second is to determine how you want to retrieve these files using our record and tree structure filing or full text search, (this involves OCR and all word search). All retrieval techniques are found in our UB for LAN and UB for Cloud.

Together we can figure this out! Call 817-430-3333 we scan records from companies and government entities across America. (Ask for sales).

What’s involved.
1. Do you desire records be scanned on premises or outsourced, lets set a calendar date.
2. Pickup and delivery manifests of what is delivered or returned is a feature.
3. Let our sales team help you choose the right Scanning Method -- Scan to Microsoft
Explorer using folders or through a DMS (Document management solution).
4. Determine to Scan by Department or set Centralized DMS file solution.
5. Use a Scanning method that allows the users to access all documents with sets of
6. OCR is another method used where the content can be used to index and search the
OCR’d content, provides a grid return of all documents that meet your query search.
7. Cost of Document Preparation will have to be determined.
8. CompuScan will then scan capture Business documents and mixed business sized
9. Are there engineering size documents?
10. X-rays, Bound Books etc.?
11. Have Documents been captured in past with Microfilm, rolls, microfiche/jackets or
aperture cards format?
12. After the conversion do you the Customer desire to have CompuScan host these
documents for Retrieval through CompuScan Cloud on a UB DMS solution?

This service includes UBWebsite software, monthly storage and IT support services on our equipment, Operating System and MS SQL software.

This SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE is a great savings.

Our services will meet current industry regulations.

All first time customers will get a 10% discount on the scan/capture service.

As introduction to CompuScan UB Cloud for Document Management CompuScan provides first month of services at no charge then monthly and quarterly charges thereafter.

Call for a quote! 817-430-3333

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